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Diving on wrecks is exciting and there are some potential risks too, but with the right training WRECK DIVING will become a great adventure.
If you are really keen on having a diver's diploma, but do not have much time to spare, the Scuba Diver diploma is right for you. This certificate takes less time and covers part of the OPEN WATER DIVER program.

Damianos Veropoulos


The passion for the dive started at a very young age, with efforts to stay under the water with extension of hose and later with the respirators then Balco company.
In 1994 he began the first training and the acquisition of the first star of the trainer Pozidis Chris.
Curiosity, respect and love for the sea led him to find a way to explore more.
With few options but then with excess courage, passion and zest for exploration, creates together with a group of friends, a group of MIXED GAS ADVENTURE, and take the first bold step for the season, deep diving.
In 2001 the group started experimenting with constant diving and long stays at depths beyond 100 meters ....

Eventually, after continuous and tireless efforts, the group reaches 2009 unreal number of 177 meters.

But he does not stop there, it continues with the team to explore to locate shipwrecks and caverns culminating in VOULIAGMENH CAVE PROJECT with the team to dive to a depth of 126 meters and a water retention than eight hours ... immortalize the event with the reception of first in Greece documentaries amateur team.
Alongside his passion became work and working as a professional diver, performing underwater operations in port projects, cleaning and repairs vessels and withdrawals contractors full control fish farms.
With years of experience now and constant thirst for learning, and starts the first educational schools with SDI organization continues to PADI and SSI and idealized the disabled DDI.
He does not stop here, trying to build new and innovative systems that will boost and will develop even more diving. Late stable and very thoroughly, pioneer and far ahead of its time, builds successfully, closed gas circuit device for the first time in Greece.
2015 is now station and the dream becomes reality with its own diving school V DIVE CLUB in the cut Vourla and the journey continues..........