Ocean Reef

Σε όλες τις τιμές περιλαμβάνεται εξοπλισμός   

Acquaintance the full face shore diving with full equipment along with a diving experience TRY SCUBA 90€
Full package training with full face-masked, communication and maintenance systems, along with OCEEAN REEF 2 Diving certification 200€

All prices DO NOT include VAT
Upon registration, a 15%
Lessons are paid before graduation.
In case of interruption, we can continue within 12 months
In the event of a permanent interruption, there is no refund.
Theoretical lessons are made at the faculty premises and the minutes are determined by the trainer.
In case of destruction or loss of object rented from the school, the amount that costs the new item or the price of the spare part must be paid.
All credit cards accepted