Explore another world....

Diving on wrecks is exciting and there are some potential risks too, but with the right training WRECK DIVING will become a great adventure.
If you are really keen on having a diver's diploma, but do not have much time to spare, the Scuba Diver diploma is right for you. This certificate takes less time and covers part of the OPEN WATER DIVER program.


Our VIP services are addressed to clients who wish to make their dives individually without integrating them into SCUBA group. The advantages of using EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE DIVE PROGRAM are multiple:

  • The boat only serves this client
  • The time of immersion and depth is adapted to customer needs
  • There are no delays by equation, air consumption, lack of experience, placing third-party equipment
  • The Dive Master watches and guides exclusively the specific client in the underwater world , this client only
  • Free diving choice according to the price list
  • Pickup and return the client to his/her accommodation area in diamonis space (after agreement and if there is a boarding point on the boat.
  • Cleaning and storage of customer's equipment after diving