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Diving on wrecks is exciting and there are some potential risks too, but with the right training WRECK DIVING will become a great adventure.
If you are really keen on having a diver's diploma, but do not have much time to spare, the Scuba Diver diploma is right for you. This certificate takes less time and covers part of the OPEN WATER DIVER program.

Technical diving

"Technical Diving" is called an activity in which a diver exceeds by far the limits established by the mere amateur recreational diving.

Submerged in an environment where the popup can not be done directly on the surface (top) eg. Cave wreck or deep diving and mandatory decompression stops are necessary. The use of mixed gases, special equipment and the necessary special training along with the right mindset constitute the key elements for someone to be called a technical diver.
We at V DIVE CLUB through our long-term activity with technical diving we are able to organize, support and execute any form of both amateur and professional level

The construction of epanapnefstiron lost in time, it is certainly not something new nowadays, but their proliferation is now rapid with many product options enable each diver to choose what fits and always in accordance with the need to use . From simple to complex submarine rides shipments rebreathers have come for good in our life-have found their place in our lives with all their advantages and disadvantages. Let's look more colosely.

The rebreather are devices which are divided into two main categories:

  • The first category consists of closed circuit apparatus (CCR). The closed-circuit devices only use oxygen and is purely mechanical or using any system for oxygen mixing with the content of a second gas cylinder providing the optimal gas in the breathing circuit to the respective depth.
  • The second category consists of semi-closed circuit apparatus (SCR) which make use of a gas mixture or make the same oxygen mixing with a separate gas mixture.

All these devices are however some common elements. In all these devices meet the breathing circuit and a mouthpiece from which we breathe. In the respiratory circuit includes an area made of soft material, which inflates and deflates when you exhale when we breathe.
For the removal of carbon dioxide produced as metabolize oxygen we breathe, the respiratory circuit is introduced, and a container containing a chemical scrubber (scrubber). In the container area is the capture of carbon dioxide. The system is a must (except a type of closed circuit oxygen equipment that does not use valves and circulation of gases is bidirectional). The majority of the devices includes a valve, or a system that allows the user to close the breathing circuit in placing send mouthpiece while underwater.
The main differences between a closed or semi-closed circuit devices is the way we introduce gas to the respiratory circuit and controlling the oxygen concentration in the inhalable gas.

The VDiveClub

Always a pioneer the VDive Club has designed and developed the first Greek epanapnefstira already in 2008 and since then we continue the ongoing design and manufacture of various types of models, experiment and deepen in this way to the secrets of their operation.