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Diving on wrecks is exciting and there are some potential risks too, but with the right training WRECK DIVING will become a great adventure.
If you are really keen on having a diver's diploma, but do not have much time to spare, the Scuba Diver diploma is right for you. This certificate takes less time and covers part of the OPEN WATER DIVER program.

Underwater Activities

The sea, beyond relaxation and beauty environment is also a working environment and numerous activities are at the mercy of it. The professional diving crew VDIVECLUB, consisting of professional divers who in modern machinery we have, carries out, with safety, reliability and professionalism, any work.
The V DIVE CLUB offers diving license workshop, staffed with professional divers and underwater work takes all kinds. Our highly trained staff is trying very successful in the difficult environment of the sea, with absolute consistency and professionalism.


In the fast growing aquaculture industry in our country, the dive crew of VDIVECLUB, with years of experience has taken on units in the largest fish farms in the country (Bitsakos SA Fisheries SA- Greek AE etc.), which daily, fixes cages, maintain moorings in a fast, responsible, reliable and professional way.

Boat cleaning


  • cleaning vessels
  • change rise
  • change propeller
  • cleaning axes


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Mooring placement

Each harbor in order to moor the ships, it should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Our diving crew takes on the following work:

  • Quay check, with photographing and filming
  • Removal of underwater objects
  • Check, maintenance and placement of any size of mooring
  • Change of chains and keys
  • Deepening and placement of geographical layers etc.



Search - recovery

Research and recovery of any lost object from the bottom of the sea regardless its size.